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Accounting, Tax and Finance Function Service Providers

For Technology and Digital Businesses.

Our mission is to help and empower you to ‘Know Your Numbers’ so you can make calculated and informed decisions for your business and personal finances. 

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We get involved with far more than just the numbers and tax. We want to be your dedicated specialist finance partner, and part of the fabric of your Tech based company (respectfully, we are not right for you if your business is not in the Tech Industry)

We at at i-tech finance are more than just traditional bean counters and tax advisors.

We know that understanding numbers doesn’t come easy to everyone. But it doesn’t have to, because we love them.

But we want to be part of your team. We want to align ourselves to your mission, value and goals, and culture. 

This is what yields the best results for you, in your quest to build a successful tech business.

We are here to serve you in the aspects of accounting & tax that will save you time and tax and provide the financial insights to help you grow and scale your business to your definition of success.


New Start Ups – Pre-Seed Stages

You’re a New Start Up at the pre-seed or seed stage. You have an idea, a concept and want to progress your business.

Early Stage – Pre Series A Funding

Your business is approaching the need for Series A funding. This is where a robust finance function is invaluable as potential investors will scrutinise your numbers.

Scale Up – Series B Funding

Your business has secured a round of Series A funding. You are on the scale up journey and you need a finance function that is robust, efficient and strong in advisory.

IT & Tech Freelancers

You are an independent freelancer operating in the Tech industry. You could be a full stack software developer or a UX specialist. Whatever your tech based discipline, we can support you with your finances.

Hear what our clients have to say …

Harjit Padda is the director of Clic Consulting Ltd, a London based tech consultancy company.

He speaks about how a specialist tech finance partner as benefited his business through less pain, better efficiency and tax savings, all of which he would not have been able to do himself. 

He highlights how outsourcing his finance function has allowed him to focus on doing what he does best…developing and building a tech business. 

Read our reviews from existing clients …

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Our channel aims to educate and help you ‘Know Your Numbers’ so you can make informed decision about your business and personal finances. There are many ‘tax saving tips’ in our videos that can save you and your business £000’s. 


How to build a BFES™ (Basic Finance Eco-System)

Knowing your numbers is the foundation, the language of business. Having already established this fact, in order for your business to have relevant, timely and quality financial information (from raw data) requires a finance function eco system. The 8 min video below explains how you can build a simple BFES™ for your new start up or emerging business.